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Annual Back to School Youth Basketball Tournament

Our Vision 

is to simply give back, ensuring every kid who participate in our annual basketball tournament has a positive outlook on life, 

motivating the youth to be active through basketball, learning how to paying it forward and most importantly creating long lasting memories. 

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Our Misson 

Is to inspire the youth to be active through basketball, impacting their lives for a better tomorrow. We will strive every year to give back to the children of our communities by hosting our annual basketball tournament. Our tournament allows us over here at IMC to bring kids together from different backgrounds, who attends different schools to come together just before its time to go back to school. Creating memories is our goal. We want to be able to end their summer off with a bang and start their new school year off with a positive impact. Knowing that when school starts, the participating kids are able to share their experience, of being in basketball tournament over the summer with their classmates. We hope that this event encourages them to pursue basketball whether girl or boy. We want our kids who participates in our annual event to not only have fun but to teach them that nothing in life is easily handed to them. By hosting this tournament, we want the kids to Earn the prizes and gifts that they receive, by competing in a fun but friendly game of basketball. We truly believe that by giving back to our children whether it's through small donation, school supplies, backpacks, prizes and much more; that it is vital to their lives. We care over here at IMC. By helping to give back to the kids is also our way of helping the parents too! We know that there are a lot of parents that could use help buying new school clothes, supplies etc...! We understand that buying new school supplies can be a bit expensive during that time, so we are here to help lighten the load by giving their kids a lovely send off ,just before going back to school. With our efforts to give back every year, we can help ensure kids to have a positive outlook on LIFE! And create Memories! 

About us

Every year we plan to help kids ages from 8 - 14 to take part in our tournament, giving them the opportunity to win prizes and trophies. There are 24 kids that are able to participate but we want the kids to know, that even though it's a free event. That they have try and earn these prizes, by actively competing in a game of basketball. Four teams going head to head, in a chance to win back packs, school supplies, basketballs and more! We also have an MVP candidate who will receive their own reward for being the best team-player and who showed a lot of competitive spirit during the tournament.  This yearly event is here to help Inspire, Motivate, give back to both kids and parents but most of all were here to create Memories. Want to be a part of this event?  Apply Here! With parents/guardian's permission. 

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You can contact is at (313) 529-0218 or via email at


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