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In 2019 Innermixx was founded in Detroit,MI by Yeremiah (Yero) Sams. Innermixx is a renaissance style of business. Innermixx is sought to bring different business ventures together. Yero is a culinary chef, that also has passion for making music. He figured to bring his love for both music and cooking together to create a sustainable business. Innermixx is more than just food and music, it's a brand that is here to merge lives, bringing different cultures together from all aspects. The business itself consist of Cooking, Music, Apparel and a Nonprofit Organization. Several subsidiaries businesses are underneath the company Innermixx. For each of the companies that falls under Innermixx, has their own individualized names, these names are as followed:  Innermixx (Cooking), IMC (Music), Campfire Collection (Apparel) and IMC (a Nonprofit). The abbreviations for IMC simply mean Innermixx Camp. Innermixx is a brand that here to impact lives and give it’s all to the world. 
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